LADA Izhevsk: 100 000 LADA Granta lift-backs

    On November 12, 2015 the one hundred thousandth LADA Granta lift-back came out from the line of Izhevsk automotive plant (a part of JSC AVTOVAZ). The jubilee car was built in norma version with mechanical transmission, ''Persey'' color (blue metallic).

    Just one year and a half passed from start of production of LADA Granta lift-back. During this time the model became one of the best sold in the market. The one hundred thousandth car has also got its future registration address already, it will go to its owner beyond the Polar circle – to Murmansk.

    First mass production lift-backs left the assembly line in Izhevsk on May 14, 2014. Industrialization of the lift-back became an important starting point for the company. It is the first model for several years which is produced only in Izhevsk. Serious modernization of production facilities was done to start the lift-back in order to ensure high level of localization, higher automation rate and further improvement of products quality. In 2016 LADA Izhevsk plant will continue to produce this model, one of the most demanded in the market.

    49,205 cars were produced to the end of 2014, 51,403 lift-backs were built for 10 months of 2015. Now, in addition to LADA Granta lift-back, LADA Izhevsk also assembles the models of the Alliance: Nissan Sentra and Nissan Tiida. On the 25th of September mass production of the future bestseller of the Russian car industry – LADA Vesta – was started in Izhevsk. More than 1000 vehicles have been produced by now. We remind that start of sales of the Russian vehicle of new generation is planned on November 25, 2015.